Honeywell CPRD10 10in TrueZONE Round Bypass Damper

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HONEYWELL 10" ROUND TRUEZONE BYPASS DAMPER The TrueZONE Bypass constant pressure regulating damper (CPRD) is a round static pressure relief damper. It is used in forced-air bypass applications to relieve excess static pressure when some of the zone dampers are closed. The damper is installed in a duct that delivers air to the return or a dump zone. The damper automatically opens and closes to maintain a desired static pressure. Features Simplify zoning with bypass design Constant pressure relief no matter the blower speed Simple to install in any orientation Easy to set crack pressure, no more fiddling with weights Quick release regulator for easier installs and replacements The CPRD uses a calibrated spring to regulate the bypass air accurately when any number or combination of zones is calling. Conventional, weighted arm, bypass dampers may operate properly when one zone is calling; however, when different combinations of zones are calling, they bypass too much or too little. This can cause callbacks when homeowners complain of air noise. CPRD Damper Sizing Bypass DamperReplacement RegulatorMaximum Airflow CPRD8CPR8600 CFM CPRD10CPR101000 CFM CPRD12CPR121400 CFM CPRD14CPR141700 CFM