Honeywell Economy Millivolt Heat Only Non-Programmable Thermostat CT33A1009

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The Honeywell CT33A1009 Milivolt Heat Only Thermostat is a non-programmable option that features low voltage controls and a convenient snap-action switch for millivolt systems such as fireplaces and floor or wall furnace systems. Incredibly easy to install and featuring mounting hardware and wall plated options, this unit is extremely versatile and can be placed in any number of positions. The CT33A1009 thermostat is mercury free and designed specifically with the consumer in mind. Devoid of any traces of mercury and relatively simple to install, this non-programmable thermostat is easily read and even easier to adjust.

The Honeywell CT33A Thermostat is compatible with 750 mV heating only systems - forced air (gas, oil & electric) and hot water/steam.


  • Easy to install and use, dual temperature scale (F/C).
  • Snap Acting Switch (Magnetic Switch) does not require leveling.
  • Bimetal temperature sensor.
  • Mercury Free.
  • Compatible with 750 mV heating only systems - forced air (gas, oil & electric) and hot water/steam -
  • NOT compatible with electric baseboard heat (120-240 V), heat pumps or multi-stage heating/cooling.


  • Stages: Single-stage heating only
  • Programmability: Non programmable
  • Compatibility: Heating only, warm air furnace, hot water, steam or gravity, floor/wall furnaces and volt gas fireplace 24V or 750mV