Honeywell HC26P1002 Whole House Humidifier Pad, Paper

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The Honeywell Whole House Humidifier Pad is a reliable solution that works well with home furnaces and promotes proper and comfortable humidity levels throughout your home. This Honeywell Humidifier Pad was specifically designed to spread moisture in an even and thorough manner. It is recommended that each humidifier pad be replaced twice per heating season to maximize overall comfort. Product Dimensions: 13.7in x 10.4in x 1.6in Features: Honeywell humidifier paper pad with antimicrobial coating. Helps your humidifier unit distribute moisture more effectively. Change twice a year for maximum effectiveness. Fits Honeywell humidifier models: HE200, HE250, HE260A, HE260B, HE265, HE280, HE300, HE360A, HE360B, HE365.