Honeywell HZ221K TrueZONE Panel Kit DATS/Transform/Panel

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The Honeywell HZ221K TrueZONE Panel Kit is a comprehensive and reliable zoning solution designed to provide precise control over heating and cooling in residential and light commercial applications. This kit includes all the necessary components for creating up to two separate zones, allowing for customizable temperature management and energy efficiency. TrueZONE® HZ221 Panel is for single stage heat pumps with auxiliary heat applications up to two zones. Model HZ221K: Kit includes HZ221 zone panel, C7735A1000 discharge sensor, and AT140A1042 40 VA transformer. 2 zones and 2H/1C heat pump with auxiliary electric heat only.   Features: Robust Push Terminals Common-Sense LEDs Clean, Professional Installation Smaller Footprint Variable-Speed Fan Control