Honeywell M847D-Zone Two-Position Motor Actuator for Open Zone Dampers

Honeywell Replacement Motor Actuator for Open Zone Dampers This is a direct replacement for M847D1004 and is designed to operate with the following open zone dampers: ARD ARDTZ EARD ZD ZDTZ Product Details Two Position 24 VAC Low Voltage - 24V Spring-Return Damper Acutator Adjustable, simplified range stops Motor Power Closed, Spring Open Included extensions allow for direct mounting to 7/16 inch diameter coupling-style dampers Includes Anti-Rotation Extension Drive Shaft Extension The following wires to Motor Terminals: M1-Power, M6 Common, M4 (optional) LED Indication Timing The Motor timing is 30 seconds for a power open and 10 seconds for a spring return.