Honeywell Q3451U1000 Universal Pilot Burner and Igniter Combination

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The Q3451 Intermittent Pilot Burners provide pilot flame ignition and sensing for intermittent ignition systems. They consist of a pilot burner with a single rod combination spark igniter/flame sensor, orifice assembly, and compression fitting. Features Single-rod Pilot Burner/Igniter Sensors have an integral cable and bent rod that sparks to hood. Application: Universal Pilot Burner for Intermittent Pilot Applications Includes: BCR-20, BCR-18, BBR-12, BBR-11, BCR-10 orifices, Adjustable tip style, Universal mounting bracket , 36 in. and 55 in. igniter lead lengths Used With: S8600F, S8600H, S8600M, S8610F, S8610H, S8610M, S8610U, S8660D, S8660E, S8670D, S8670E