Honeywell Resideo HYDROSEP-102-U 1in Hydraulic Separator Union

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The Resideo HYDROSEP-102-U is a 1 inch magnetic hydraulic separator union that performs the following functions: Hydraulic separator: Makes connected hydraulic circuits independent, preventing any flow influence between circulators installed in series and balancing the difference of flows through the circuits, all according to the characteristics of their corresponding circulator. Dirt separator: Separates and eliminates any debris inside the circuits thanks to the combined action of a magnet and a metallic mesh surface which allow for the separation to take place. The impurities can subsequently be removed by the discharge valve. Deaerator: Separates and eliminates the air inside the circuits through the air vent placed on the separator’s upper connection. The hydraulic separators are equipped with insulation to minimize thermal loss. Features Union Model Compatible with all fitting options: Sweat, Threaded, Press Can be used for both residential and commercial applications A magnet acts as a filter & balancer Insulation Included