Honeywell Resideo PCVF-ECM2020 Variable Speed AquaPUMP

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The Resideo AquaPUMP Variable speed, in-line, wet rotor circulator is designed for variable or constant pressure applications in closed-loop hydronic heating and cooling systems, as well as open circulation systems (stainless steel model). The Resideo AquaPUMP auto zone changes the pump speed according to the system demand without any requirement of external controls or control wiring. The Resideo AquaPUMP circulator is recommended for circulating water in closed hydronic heating systems or potable water systems (stainless steel model). The Resideo AquaPUMP includes operating modes suitable for systems with constant or variable flows, such as: Underfloor heating systems One-pipe (series) systems Two-pipe (parallel) systems Multi-zone heating systems Resideo AquaPUMP circulators incorporate variable speed control technology with an ECM motor, enabling optimum energy efficiency and occupant comfort, with built-in control algorithms that can adapt to continuously changing system requirements. The Resideo AquaPUMP features a user-friendly front mounted control panel and wiring box for ease of installation. The pump is non-submersible and for use in dry, frost free, well ventilated installations.