Honeywell TB7220U1012 CommercialPro Large Screen Programmable Thermostat

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The Honeywell CommercialPRO 7000 is an attractive, large-screen choice that looks great and saves energy. Perfect for smaller commercial settings such as restaurants, banks, small businesses and more, the CommercialPRO 7000 features a display that's twice the size of competitive thermostats while still maintaining a sleek, slim body. So along with the energy savings your customers will enjoy from the menu-driven programming of the CommercialPRO 7000, they'll also appreciate its stylish look on their walls. FEATURES: • Large, clear display with backlight shows the current and set temperature and time-even in the dark. • Menu-driven programming make setup effortless. • Beautiful ergonomic design is smart and sophisticated to match your customers' lifestyle. • Real-time clock keeps time during power failures and automatically updates to daylight savings. • "Saving Changes" notification lets you know when the schedule changes have been saved. • Change reminders let you know when to replace the batteries. • Holiday Override options allow you to override the program schedule, as desired. • Speedy same-schedule programming-no need to copy multiple days. • Armchair programming allows you to remove the thermostat from the wall for programming.