Honeywell TrueZONE ZD10x26TZ 10in x 26in Parallel Blade Zone Damper

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The ZD is a power close and spring open damper. It has a 24-volt motor used to control circulating air in HVAC systems and used when a normally-open damper is required. The ZD is typically used with the TrueZONE and other electronic zoning systems.  Features: Adjustable closed position range stops. Rated to operate up to 1 in. wc. Solid construction using extruded aluminum frame and blades. Parallel blade design for low leakage performance. Simple, easy-to-wire, two-wire installation with a third wire option M4 for LED open light. Fail-safe, normally open operation. Damper can be installed in any orientation (mounting side can be on either the bottom or the side of the duct). Taping Flange and non-interfering set screw. High Temperature outer plastic for hot environments. Redesigned all Metal Drive Train Gears. Front facing display with LED Indication light for Open and Close. Adjustable damper position range stops. Quiet operation. The ZD is intended for use as a zone damper. It cannot be configured to be power open for fresh air applications. EARD round dampers are power open. ARD round dampers are field convertible to be power open with an M847D-VENT actuator.