Honeywell UVC1-09 Unico UV Light Module Assembly, Cabinet Only

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The Unico System UV Light Module is a compact cabinet that allows a UV light to be installed in any new or existing installation. It is designed to be attached directly to the supply side of the blower and includes a 10" round supply adapter, which can be easily adapted to any size supply plenum. It can be used in combination with an electric heater if desired, with the UV module installed between the blower and the electric heater. The UVC universal cabinet is compatible with UV lights from multiple manufacturers as long as the bulb length is less than the “Cabinet Size” designator in the Model Key. Features Universal connection to all Unico blower models. Blank sides allow installation of UV lights from any manufacturer. Externally insulated to prevent condensation and UV degradation of insulation. 10" supply collar can be adapted to any size plenum. Applications The UV Light Module is designed for use with any Unico System air-handling unit where the addition of a UV light is desired. The germicidal action of UV lights can reduce the transmission of disease and be used in all indoor spaces to supplement common indoor air quality measures such as high efficiency filters and traditional cleaning and disinfection procedures.