Honeywell VR8345M4302 Universal Electronic Ignition Pilot Gas Valve

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With universal application and an incredibly compact size that helps you work easily in tight spaces, the VR8345 is the only electronic ignition gas valve you need. The Honeywell VR8345 Universal Electronic Ignition Gas Valve helps you stay ready for any system — intermittent pilot, direct spark ignition, hot surface pilot — you come across, any day, every day, with just one gas valve. The high BTU/H capacity and multipoise mounting make the VR8345 even more versatile. Features: Universal application handles all intermittent pilot, direct spark ignition and hot surface pilot gas valve needs Compact size saved room on truck and provides room to work inside the furnace Wide capacity control has capacity covered for almost any IP, HSI or DSU gas-fired appliance Multipoise mounting with a swing radius of a mere 4" Can be installed at any angle from 0 - 90 degrees Adapter kit comes supplied with 1/2" reducer bushings, a terminal block jumper for IP/HSI/DSI selection, pilot plug and natural gas to LP gas conversion kit