Honeywell VR8345Q4563 Universal 24VAC Electronic Ignition Gas Control

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The universal electronic ignition gas controls are used in gas-fired appliances with capacities up to 300 cu ft/hour at 1 inch wc pressure drop [8.5 cu m/hour at 0.25 kPa] for natural gas. These gas controls will operate with a direct spark (DSI), hot surface (HSI) or intermittent pilot ignition. The control includes a manual valve, two automatic operators, a pressure regulator, pilot adjustment, pilot plug, conduit cover and ignition adapter. Refer to the following list for the specifications. Features Control includes manual valve, two automatic operators, pressure regulator, pilot adjustment, pilot plug and ignition adapter Replaces many IP, HSI, or DSI gas control For use with natural or manufactured gas or LP gas Includes converter kit to adapt from natural to LP gas Compact size All adjustments and wiring connections accessible from top of control Four-inch swing radius allows easy rotation into position inside the tightest furnace vestibules Clearly marked, keyed terminal block allows quick attachment of wires and IP/DSI/HSI jumper Internal inlet screen blocks contaminants in gas line from entering valve