HVAC & Electricity: Terminology & Concepts Made Simple - A Book By Ron Jackson

About the Book: This book is intended to help give the reader a better understanding of electricity and HVAC terminology and concepts. It is not intended give the reader an in-depth understanding of electricity and HVAC. However, there is little doubt that the information in this book, if read and understood, will contribute to your success. About the Author: Ron Jackson has been in the HVAC controls business for over 64 years, most of that time spent developing new products. He has developed over 50 products, 18 of which hold a US patent. He specializes in tools and electronic controls used in the heating and air conditioning industry, and manufactures and markets many of his products himself. Ron would tell you that while he doesn't play golf, he sees each new patent as a hole- in-one! ISBN: 979-8-3507-3000-5