ICM Controls ICM1502 Oil Burner Control, Honeywell OEM Replacement

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The ICM Controls ICM1502 Intermittent Ignition Oil Primary Control is ideal for residential oil fired burners used in boilers, forced air furnaces, water heaters and other oil burning appliances where pre/post-purge is not a safety requirement. It uses a C554A Cadmium Sulfide (cad cell) Flame Detector to monitor the burner flame. In the event of flame failure or flame loss, the control will shut the system down. In the event of a lockout, pressing and holding in the red external reset button for three seconds will manually reset the safety switch. Features Controls oil burner, oil valve (if required) and the ignition< transformer in response to a call for heat. ICM patented energy transfer technology ensures fuel valve and pump will only be energized if the control is properly functioning LED aids in testing and troubleshooting Enclosed safety switch with external reset button Replacement for popular competitive models