ICM Controls ICM281 Furnace Control Replacement for Carrier

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The ICM281 fixed speed furnace control replaces the following Carrier/BDP modules: CESO110057, CESO110057-1, CESO110057-2, CESO110048, CESO110020, and HH84AA016 The ICM281 has incorporated LED diagnostics to assist in troubleshooting. It is recommended that a sight glass (not included) be installed in a convenient location on the furnace to take advantage of this feature. If a sight glass is not installed, the self-test feature of the board can still be used for routine troubleshooting. A fault code label is included in this package and must be installed on the furnace. Features Controls gas valve, ignitor, blower motor, inducer, humidifier and air cleaner Microprocessor-based Designed for 100% gas shutoff in case of ignition failure Twinning Reverse polarity protection Secondary brownout voltage protection Compatible with 24 VAC standard thermostat Provides diagnostic LEDs to aid in troubleshooting