ICM Controls ICM292A DSI Gas Ignition Replacement Control Board For Rheem 62-24140-04

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The ICM292A is a low-cost DSI gas ignition control that replaces the following Rheem model: 62-24140-04. The ICM292A has incorporated LED diagnostics to assist in troubleshooting.   Fault code information can be found in the application guide. Please refer application guide with the furnace installation manual for future reference.   Features:    Low cost form, fit and functional replacement for Rheem: 62-24140-04 Direct Spark Ignition (DSI) control Microprocessor-based Controls induced draft and indoor blower motor; humidifier output, spark ignitor and gas valve Monitors timing, trial for ignition, flame sensing and lockout 100% lockout safety feature Compatible with LP or natural gas Status LEDs for fault codes to aid in troubleshooting Replaces: Rheem: 62-24140-04