ICM Controls ICM492 80-300VAC Single-Phase Line Voltage Monitor

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ICM Controls' ICM492 is specifically designed to monitor line voltage and guard single phase equipment against damage caused by under and over line voltage conditions and rapid short cycling. Records last five faults The ICM492 constantly monitors line voltage and protects single-phase equipment against low and high voltage conditions, and rapid short cycling due to voltage fault or power interruption. Its easy-view, backlit digital display makes it user friendly to read and monitor voltage conditions, and adjust parameters to meet specific needs. Features Protects Against: Over and Under Voltage Rapid Short Cycling caused by Transient Faults and Power Interruptions Easy-view, Backlit Digital Display RMS Voltage Monitoring Adjustable Voltage Set Point Adjustable Over Voltage Setting Adjustable Under Voltage Setting Adjustable Anti-Short Cycle Time Delay Adjustable Response Time Control Mode 5-Fault Memory Universal Line voltage Input Heavy Duty SPDT Relay Output Universal Control Voltage Input for integrating a thermostat