Little Giant 90411101 230V Inline Constant Water Pressure System

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The Little Giant 25LGIL1100N4 Inline Constant Water Pressure System uses advanced electronics to regulate water pressure, providing consistent output pressure with minimal fluctuations. Its heavy-duty, long-life pressure sensor monitors demand for accuracy, making it an ideal solution for water pump and pressure booster applications. The system automatically adjusts the pump/motor speed to react to changes in demand, ensuring a constant output pressure. Engineered of durable stainless steel construction for years of operation, the system also guards against many common failure modes with built-in protections including surge protection, voltage underload, locked pump, open circuit, short circuit, and overheated controller. It is also capable of operating with more than one pump in parallel for larger volume applications. Applications Municipal water or private well systems Multi-family dwellings: duplexes, triplexes, and quads Increased and constant water pressure from water storage/cistern systems Irrigation and water reclamation systems General pressure regulation/increase Features 1-1/2 hp motor Stainless steel construction Handles up to 35 gpm NEMA 4 electronics enclosure Easy installation