Lux KN-ZW-WH1-BO4 KONOzw Smart Hub Thermostat

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KONOzw is the smart thermostat made with you in mind. It seamlessly connects to many smart hubs and blends in or stands out with its interchangeable Décorsnap covers™. KONOzw makes it easier than ever to personalize your comfort, décor, and savings. System Modes: Heat, Cool, Heat & Cool Conventional: Forced air, gas, oil & electric furnaces (up to 2h/1c) Heat Pumps: With or without Aux/Emergency heat Hydronic (hot water) zone valves (2 wire) Power: 4 AA alkaline batteries , C-wire (included & provides up to 2 year battery life) or LUX Power Bridge (sold separately) ZWAVE Plus Profile Role Type: Listening Sleeping Slave (LSS) Device Type: Thermostat - HVAC Security: S2 OTA Upgrade: Supported