Malco TY4 Manual Cut-Off Tie Tool for Nylon Ties Fiberglass Duct Tensioning

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Malco’s TY4 Tie Tensioning Tool provides a faster, more effective alternative to securing fiberglass duct take offs compared to what can be done by hand.   This rugged Tie Tensioning Tool features a manual, easy to operate, cutting mechanism. To use the cutting mechanism, a simple pull of the lower lever engages a blade to cut of the excess tail of a nylon tie. The handle features a reduced pinch point closure for added safety and comfort. A clean, black baked on enamel wrinkle finish will weather the elements and stand up to abuse on-the-job.   The TY4 and all other Malco Tie Tools are designed to work on standard 175 Ib. ties as well as thinner 125 Ib. ties.