NAVAC N11LNH Power Tube Expander Kit with Power Sources

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The NAVAC N11LNH is a power tube expander that provides one-button operation and automatic pressure relief when using. The N11LNH is a cost effective solution for owner's of the NTE11L and NTEHHK because the expander heads are not provided with this model but are interchangeable with the NAVAC NTE11L and NTEHHK. Features One-button operation Automatic pressure relief Quick connect heads Large capacity lithium battery Complete an expansion in 12 seconds Up to 200 expansion per charge Quick charge in 30 minutes Innovative head design minimizing 3/8 inch tube splitting Battery power indicator LED Flash Light Specifications Expander Body: Yes Quick Connect Expander Headers, 7 pieces: No NBF2 Lithium Battery, 1 piece: Yes NCF2 Battery Charger: Yes Carry Case: Yes NAQA1 Quick Connect Adapter: Yes