NAVAC NRDC4M 4-Cylinder Master-Series Recovery Unit, Digital Display

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Tagged as the fastest and the most powerful machine in the current market, The NRDC4M recovery unit features a 4-cylinder structure that makes it up to 40% faster than the 2-cylinder unit. An oversized micro-channel coil with 3 high-speed cooling fans makes it the ideal recovery unit! The NRDC4M recovery unit is suitable for larger commercial systems and can be used for all commonly used refrigerants. Features 4-Cylinder for Powerful Recovery Up to 40% faster than 2-cylinder unit Oversized inlet port for faster recovery Super-Efficient Condenser Over-sized micro-channel coil 3 cooling fans Brushless DC Motor More efficient Large Digital Display Easy-to-read large LCD display Backlit for clarity Dual Oil-Free Compressors Suitable for all commonly used refrigerants Acceleration Knob Design To achieve faster vapor recovery Refrigerant Type Category lll:R-12,R-134a,R-401C,R-500 Category lV:R-22,R-401A,R-401B,R-402B,R-407C,R-408A,R-409A,R-411A,R-411B,R-412A,R-502,R-509 Category V:R-402A,R-404A,R-407A,R-407B,R-410A,R-507