NAVAC NRS3i01 Bluetooth Wireless Refrigerant Scale

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The NAVAC NRS3i01 Bluetooth Wireless Refrigerant Scale was designed with the latest technology to provide precise, portable refrigerant charging on a large scale. This Refrigerant Scale connects to a handheld device via bluetooth which can be used by the operator to monitor the charge throughout the process and be alerted at two different stages of the charging. The first alert occurs when the charge is within 2oz of it's customized setting. The second is to alert the operator to stop the charging once that setting is reached. Additionally, the weighing pan is ergonomic and is made from one piece of magnesium alloy. The NAVAC NSR3i01 was designed to be easy-to-carry, lighter than average, and portable so you can take it wherever you need to go. Features Advanced Precision Sensor Wireless Bluetooth Connection and Control Large One-Piece Weighing Pan Ergonomic Design 2 Operator Alert Settings Large Backlit Display Integrated Handle Design for Easy Carry