NAVAC NTF67D Hand or Drill-Powered Flaring Tool with Flare Gauge

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The NAVAC NTF67D Flaring Tool is adaptable for both hand and drill-use, allowing it to be used in a way that is most convenient for you. This tool provides accurate flaring with every use due to it's axial spacing and it's patented rivet connection. It has an internal clutch which stops over-torquing before it ever happens. The NAVAC NTF67D has also been treated with nitride making it powerful, sturdy, and durable. This flaring tool has an exceentric cone that makes a 45° flare for R410A system. Use with a drill for the most efficient and labor-saving flaring.  Features Choice between Hand or Drill-Powered use Axial spacing for accurate and consistent flaring Patented Annular Rivet Connection Nitride Treatment Internal Clutch prevents Over-Torquing Eccentric Cone with 45 degree Flare

Clearance: This product is non-returnable.