White-Rodgers 24A06G-1 Low Voltage 2-Wire Temp Controller System

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The White-Rodgers 24A06G-1 is a low voltage level temp controller system for electric heat that provides silent operation and narrow differential control for heating or cooling installation for use with a 2-wire 24 volt thermostat. Features Level-Temp allows low voltage 2-wire thermostat to control line voltage loads such as baseboard heaters. Conduit hub or screw mounting. Ideal for all types of electrical heat. Non-critical mounting angle. Universal break-off mounting tabs. Dual Level-Temp capable of controlling two separate loads. The Silent Operator relay has been carefully adjusted at the factory, and no attempt should be made to adjust them in the field. This Dual Level-Temp Silent Operator Relay is designed for controlling two separate loads with a single low voltage thermostat. It is especially suitable for use with electric heating equipment. The Dual Level-Temp relay may be used to operate two separate heating loads by means of a single low voltage thermostat. It is equally well suited for use with a heating and cooling thermostat to control heating and cooling loads alternately as in motels, apartments, office buildings, etc. This model Dual Level-Temp relay has a voltage input of 240 volts. Since this relay is equipped with a self-contained transformer, the supply voltage used must agree with the voltage rating of the relay. This model has both an inductive and non-inductive rating.