Nu-Calgon 4291-92 Nu-Brite Ultra Concentrate (Single) 1 Quart Bottle

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Nu-Calgon Nu-Brite is a non-acidic, alkaline-based product for cleaning and brightening air cooled condensers. Nu-Brite is formulated with foaming detergents and chelants to quickly penetrate and dissolve greasy dirt and grime, this allows the dirt and grime to foam itself right out of the coil. Nu-Brite is also a safer alternative to other acidic coil cleansers. Nu-Brite Ultra Concentrate can be mixed traditionally or preferably with the Nu-Calgon Coil Gun at a 10:1 (Setting E) dilution. You can also use these perfered dillutions: Light - 4oz/Gal Medium - 8oz/Gal Heavy - 10oz/Gal Nu-Brite Ultra Concentrate is not recommended for indoor use or microchannel coils. For indoor, painted, or microchannel coils, consider using Tri-Pow'r Ultra or Evap Pow'r Ultra.