QwikProducts QT2700 PuraClean Electrostatic Filter Spray, 16oz Bottle

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The QwikProducts QT2700, PuraClean Filter Spray will supercharge your filter by turning any ordinary filter into an Electrostatic Filter. Whether it is a 99¢ disposable or very expensive, nonelectrostatic pleated filter, PuraClean® Filter Spray will decrease the amount of harmful contaminants in the airflow that cause decreased efficiency and lung irritation without causing your filter to restrict air flow. Supercharge your Filter with PuraClean! Features Increases any standard fliters effectiveness up to 2 additional MERV ratings Applied in seconds Maintains system efficiency Captures small particles that cause lung irritation Increases effective capture rate by 200% Costs only pennies per filter Non-toxic, non-aromatic, non-adhesive spray Turns any ordinary filter into an Electrostatic Filter