QwikProducts QT2782 QwikBright Microchannel Coil Cleaner/Protectant

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Don’t just clean your coils, protect them...with QwikBright. A clogged or dirty condenser coil can reduce efficiency of the unit, increase the pressure ratio of the compressor, accelerate corrosion and reduce the sub-cooling... but, you must be careful when cleaning microchannel coils. Microchannel coil manufacturers recommend only cleaning with a pH neutral cleaner and NEVER using any acidic or alkaline cleaner since any cleaner with a pH below 6 (acidic) or above 8 (alkaline) can dramatically accelerate corrosion and result in coil leaks. QwikBright is a pH neutral cleaner/protectant. It’s powerful enough for use on any heat exchanger coil, yet specifically formulated to cause no harm to microchannel coils. It will quickly penetrate and dissolve grease, dirt, grime, lint, dirt, dust, and bugs without removing any existing protective film, while adding it own protective film. That’s right, QwikBright contains a molecular metal protectant to further prevent corrosion without degrading thermal performance. QwikBright may be used indoors or outdoors on any type of microchannel heat exchanger and when used on evaporators, no rinsing is required. Features Safe for microchannel heat exchangers Neutral pH Heavy Duty Foaming Action Improves Coil Efficiency Includes Metal Protectant to Extend Life For Indoor or Outdoor Use Super Concentrated... Mix 1 part QwikBright with 4 to 8 parts water