QwikProducts QT2800 QwikLug Compressor Terminal Repair Kit, Lugs Only

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QwikLug - Terminal Repair Kit uses the patented QwikLug to easily attach to damaged or corroded spade connectors, quickly and easily solving the problem of a compressor with pitted or severely corroded spade terminals. Tightens quickly from the front with a Phillips head screwdriver. Has a durable brass interior shielded by nylon exterior to prevent shorting. 3 Lugs / Male Spades / NO Wire Mainstream’s patented product, QwikLug, easily attaches to damaged or corroded terminals. QwikLug has color-coded leads to connect to existing wiring. The outer connector housing is a nylon insulator, eliminating the potential for shorting. It’s that easy! Features Enables tight clean connections to damaged or corroded terminals Fits all standard compressor terminals Easily tightens from the front Optional set screws for tight installations Provides a durable brass connection, tested for more than 100,000 compressor starts Fully insulated brass connector Available with 10 AWG or 12 AWG leads in 2' or 4' lengths 2’ leads have been pre-stripped at the wire connection end 4’ leads have fully insulated female connectors for connection directly to the contactor