Robertshaw 1950-518 - 18" Thermopile Generator

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The Robertshaw 1950-518 is a thermopile with two-wire spade connectors and 18 in. leads. The Robertshaw 1950 Series Thermopiles lead the industry for gas appliance applications. Their primary function is to ensure a standing pilot light is operative so that on a call for heat, the main burner gas will be properly ignited. Thermopiles are placed in gas applications to detect the existence of a flame for safety purposes by shutting off the potential gas flow to a burner. A thermopile is the assembly of many thermocouples to increase the millivolt output. Features Easy burner installation with attached threaded nut Stainless steel outer jacket for long life and resistance to heat blistering Combination of copper and nickel alloys for good electrical conductivity Mica washer to insulate from shorting conditions Various lengths available for multiple applications