Robertshaw 41-408 5-1/2in Carbide Series Hot Surface Igniter

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The Robertshaw 41-408 Carbide Series Hot Surface Igniter is a dependable heating system ignitor for furnaces, boilers, rooftop heaters, infrared burners, unit heaters, water heaters, and many other types of HVAC equipment. This Hot Surface Igniter has a ceramic base of 1-1/4in wide and 1/2in thick. The wire leads measure 5-1/2in long. The 41-408 Carbide Series Hot Surface Igniters are made of recrystalized silicon carbide with a high purity rating. This material combines physical and thermal strength while establishing stable electrical properties for this ignitor. Additionally, the lead wires are made out of 18-gauge nickel chrome that are metalized in place for maximum strength and electrical conductivity. These wires are also enclosed in high-temperature fiberglass for extra insulation and protection. Each Hot Surface Ignitor in the Robertshaw 41-400 Series are designed to reach ignition temperatures within 17 seconds!  Features High-Purity Recrystallized Silicon Carbide (Crystar™)  Reaches Ignition Temperature(s) within 17 Seconds 18-Gauge Nickel Chrome Lead Wires Lead wires are Enclosed in High-Temperature Fiberglass Insulation Operates at 120V AC Some modules are rated for 208/240V input, however, the voltage to the ignitor is stepped down to 120V AC