Robertshaw CW-551 E-2 Clothes Washer Valve (120Vs)

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The Robertshaw CW-551 is a 120 VAC and 60 Hertz, E-1 (non-regulated) Mixing Water Valve Series, designed for laundry clothes washer applications. Applications Residential Clotheswasher Mixing Water Valve E-2 Features Pilot-operated diaphragm provides high flow capacity with minimum power requirements Compact design compared to predecessor valves to allow more flexibility for applications Flange mounting with screw boss is molded into the body for ease of installation Design uses a staked coil L frame with drawn pole sleeves to eliminate loose or missing pole pieces Improved coil bobbin design reduces problems Slow closing operators reduce water hammer and extend valve life Spin-weld assembly minimizes problems caused by loose or missing screws Suitable for applications using liquids up to 160°F (71°C) Quiet operation Stainless steel inlet screens with 60 x 60 mesh Specifications Body Material: Polypro Electrical Rating: 120V, 60 Hz, 5 Watts Flow Rate: 1.69 to 2.54 GPM Inlet Size: 3/4" 11.5 NHT Operating Pressure: 7.5 to 147 PSI Outlet: 3/8" ID Hose

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