Supco CL100 Condensate Drain Line Kit for Residential Lines

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The Supco CL-100 residential condensate line kit contains everything you need to create a premium drain line in one kit. The kit contains 1-Access Y-Joint; 1-NPT Coupling; 1-Drain Trap Kit; 5-90° elbows; 5-45° Elbows; 4-Pipe Connectors. Features 21-piece kit is easily installed and provides flexible options for creating a premium drain line Universal coupling and compact trap keep drain line as short as possible Smooth line elbows help prevent standing water where the pipe meets the elbow Included AC Drain Trap prevents loss of cold air Included Access Y-Joint allows for easy line cleaning Does not include PVC pipe or Glue Anchors, Screws and 4 Wall Clamps included. Kit is for 3/4" PVC