Supco SHM290 Snap-Action Manual Reset Stat

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The Supco SHM290 Manual Snap-Action Temperature Controller opens at 290°F and is a stylish temperature controller utilizing a 3/4" bi-metal disc that senses the temperature and quickly separates the contacts. This results in long life characteristics at loads up to 25 amps at 240 VAC. SHM-Series switches are single pole single throw 60T15 style (3/4”) with manual-reset. These switches are designed to open on temperature rise. The surface mounting configuration positions the disc against the mounting surface to sense the actual surface temperature. Each switch comes with an adapter flange plate. For air-stream installation, simply attach the SHM control with the bi-metal protruding through the mounting surface. For surface installation, insert the two spacers between the screw holes in the flange, and the heating surface. Install the original screws and tighten securely. Features Welded construction for integrity of current-carrying components. Available with automatic and manual reset SPST or automatic reset SPDT switch configurations. Limit - open on rise UL recognized CSA approved