Supco SSN4000 Universal Flat Silicone Nitride Igniter Kit

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The Supco SSN4000 is a universal mini flat silicon nitride igniter kit providing the ultimate in durability and cycle life. The SSN400 has a life rating of 200,000 cycles and a 3-year warranty. Features Silicon Nitride technology for strong, durable operation and performance Easy installation: kits include igniter, mounting brackets, hardware, instructions & cross reference Universal replacements, reduces SKU’s Replaces hundreds of OEM & competitors igniters Longer igniter life (non-porous construction) Low energy consumption uses half the power of Silicon Carbide igniters Superior gas lighting ability, faster time to temperature response than Silicon Carbide igniters No need for power supply module Applications Furnaces Boilers Water Heaters Unit Heaters Pool Heaters