Supco Tradefox JV1 Jones Valve Condensate Drain Blow Out Valve

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The Jones Valve is a simple condensate drain line blow out valve that is inexpensive and easy to use. No more water buckets, no more looking for the other end of the line to install your plug. No more cutting and repairing the drain line. Features: 1 Year Warranty 1/4" Hose connection, male flare w/ Schrader 3/4" Condensate line Attaches to CO2 or Nitrogen tanks Durable, Schedule 40 PVC Material Part of our SUPCO® TradeFox™ Technician-Invented product line Patent Pending Prepare for changes to ICC International Mechanical Code 307.2.5 Smallest, and easiest to use of all available drain line valves. Specs: Hose Connection: 1/4 Inch Male Flare W/Schrader Condensate Line Size: 3/4 Inch