Taco 0015-MSF3-IFC 1/20HP Cast Iron Circulator Pump, 3-Speed

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The Taco 0015-IFC is a 1/20 horsepower cast iron circulator pump with integral flow check with a powerful, high performance motor to the durable 3-speed switch - says "heavy duty". With the highest starting torque in its class, this circulator delivers the performance and fine tuning capabilities sure to satisfy the most demanding hydronics system installer. The 3-speed circulators feature a removable, uni-body Integral Flow Check (IFC®) that maximizes flow, as well as prevents gravity flow, even in the tallest buildings. Wiring is a snap thanks to an extra roomy capacitor box and convenient dual electrical knock-outs. The 0015 3-Speed pump is specifically designed for the wide range of flow and head requirements of today’s hydronic heating systems. Its’ 3-Speed switching capability provides fine tuning control to match a wide combination of tube diameters and length of runs. The 0015 3-Speed is a direct replacement for the Grundfos UPS 15-58 3-Speed. The 0015 delivers the highest starting torque in its class and includes a removable, uni-body Integral Flow Check (IFC® ) that prevents gravity flow, reduces installation costs and improves pump performance. Features: 3-Speed Switch Fine tune to system requirements Highest performance & starting torque in class Heavy duty construction for longer life Removable high-flow Integral Flow Check (IFC) Replaceable cartridge design Quiet, efficient operation Self lubricating, no mechanical seal Wide range of applications Cast Iron, flanged construction Replacement Parts List: Casing O-Ring: 00R-001RP Flange Gasket Set: 007-007RP Capacitor or PC Board: 007-002RP Cartridge Assembly Complete: 00R-005RP Valve Assembly Trans/Relay: 0010-025RP