Taco 006-B4 Compact, Sweat 3/4in Cartridge Circulator Pump in Bronze

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The 006-B4 is a 3/4-inch compact sweat bronze cartridge circulator designed for circulating hot and chilled fresh water in a wide range of open and closed loop applications. Its unique, field-serviceable cartridge contains all moving parts. Replacing the cartridge rebuilds the circulator. With no mechanical seal, the self-lubricating, maintenance free design provides quiet, efficient operation and unmatched reliability. Features Standard High Capacity Output-Compact Design Quiet, Efficient Operation Direct Drive-Low Power Consumption Unique Replaceable Cartridge Design-Field Serviceable Self-Lubricating No Mechanical Seal Unmatched Reliability --Maintenance Free Cast Iron, Flanged or Bronze Construction with Sweat, Threaded or Union Connections Applications Replacement Parts List Hydronic heating Domestic hot water recirculation Hydro-air heating/cooling Heat recovery units Water source heat pumps Drain down open loop solar systems Potable water applications Casing O-Ring: 007-003RP Capacitor or PC Board: 007-002RP Cartridge Assembly Complete: 005-020RP