Taco 007-F5 Cast Iron 1/25 HP Circulator Pump, Great for Hydronics

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The Taco 007-F5 circulator pump is one of the industry’s top-selling hydronic circulators, and for good reason. It features a unique cartridge design that’s completely field serviceable plus a self-lubricating system that’s virtually maintenance-free. With this boiler circulating pump, Taco has eliminated many of the typical circulator pain points to create a quiet, efficient and reliable option. It’s designed for use with residential hydronic and radiant heating systems. The self-lubricating, maintenance free design and flow characteristics make it the ideal hydronic circulator for a wide range of applications. Features: Standard High Capacity Output Compact Design Quiet, Efficient Operation Unique Replaceable Cartridge Design-Field Serviceable Direct Drive-Low Power Consumption Self-Lubricating No Mechanical Seal Unmatched Reliability --Maintenance Free Universal Flange-to-Flange Dimensions Cast Iron Construction Typical Applications: Hydronic Heating Radiant Heating Hydro-Air Fan Coils Indirect Water Heating Chilled Water Cooling Replacement Parts List: Casing O-Ring: 008-005RP Flange Gasket Set: 007-007RP Capacitor or PC Board: 007-002RP Cartridge Assembly Complete: 007-042RP