Taco 2400-20-3P 1/6 HP High-Capacity Circulator Pump in Cast Iron

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The Taco 2400-20-3P is a 1/6 horesepower High Capacity Circulators are specifically designed for quiet, efficient, dependable operation in a wide range of medium to high flow/head hydronic heating, chilled water cooling and hot water recirculation applications. The space saving, close-coupled, maintenance free motor with permanently lubricated, sealed-for- life bearings, Noryl impeller and durable, carbon/silicon-carbide mechanical seal provide unmatched reliability. The compact 2400 Series High Capacity Circulators are for use in a wide range of larger residential and commercial hydronic systems. Typical applications include hydronic heating, in-floor radiant, snow melt, high pressure drop boilers, outdoor wood boilers, chilled water cooling, geothermal heat pumps, primary/secondary loops and hydro air fan coils. The Stainless Steel 2400 Series should be used for open, domestic water recirculation systems. The unitized, carbon/silicon-carbide mechanical seal is easy to service in only a few minutes. Features Compact, space saving design Powerful close-coupled, maintenance free motor Superior efficiency, high starting torque Permanently lubricated, sealed for life bearings Rugged 1/2" Stainless Steel Shaft Carbon/Silicon-Carbide mechanical seal for long life Universal flange to flange dimensions - Ideal for retrofits Anti-Condensate design for chilled water Dual electrical knock-outs Dual pressure taps, suction/discharge