UEi DL599 Wireless TRMS Clamp Meter with Motor Testing

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The UEi DL599 Wireless TRMS Clamp Meter with 3-phase & unbalanced motor tests for motor rotation, unbalanced load, mini-splits, curcuits in Moles plugs, and diode malfunctions. Application Test 3-Phase motor rotation, unbalanced load, mini-splits, circuits in Molex plugs, and diode malfunctions. Measures capacitance, voltage, microamps, circuit continuity, resistance, and temperature via K-Type thermocouples. Flame sensing. Check system boards and live wires. Functions 3-Phase Motor Rotation Motor Unbalanced Test Low Pass Filter 1000V AC/DC 600A AC/DC 2000µA 60MΩ Resistance Capacitance 9999µF Diode/Continuity Temperature: -342° to 2462°F Frequency/Duty Cycle LRA Inrush Low Z NCV Detection Features Free App (Android and iOS) Min/Max/Avg Hold Visible high-voltage alert Auto Volts & Amp selection Backlit Dual Display and Worklight Built-in Magnet w/ hanging strap Auto/Manual ranging Input Jack Lock Battery compartment latches Test Lead Storage Over molded grip Auto calibration Auto Power Off Low Battery Indicator What's Included Silicone Test Leads (ATL58) Back Probe Leads (ABP3) Alligator Clips (AAC3) 2 Thermocouples (ATT29) Batteries 4 (AAA) Pouch (AC319) Manual