UEi HUB6 Complete Smart Refrigerant Kit

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The HUB6 allows you to wirelessly monitor temperature and relative humidity via the WHP1 probes, vapor and liquid pressures via the WPP1 probes, and vapor and liquid temperatures via the WPC2 wireless pipe clamps - all from one convenient location using the free UEi HUB App. This easy-to-use App and robustly designed set of probes make an excellent addition to any technician's toolbox. The HUB6 is backed by a 1-Year limited warranty. Features: Low Battery Warning: Yes Temperature Differential: Yes Wireless Output: Yes Free App Available: iOS & Android Differential Pressure: Yes High Altitude Compensation: In App Selectable Refrigerants: 57 Selectable Units: Yes In-App Temperature Split Kit and Psychrometric Calculations: Yes In-App System Refrigerant Charging Calculations: Yes Pass-Through Ports for Easily Adding or Recovering Refrigerant without Disconnecting: Yes 180 Degree Swivel for Easy Operation in Cramped Work Spaces: Yes Highly Accurate Thermistor Drifts Less Than Thermocouples and Requires No Field Calibration: Yes Magnetic Mount: Yes Warranty: 1-Year limited Requires: Compatible Smart Device Includes: Manual (Eng): Yes Manual (Spa): Yes Manual (Frn): Yes Batteries: AAA (2) and AA (2) Pouch/Case: Yes Pipe Clamp Probe: WPC2 (2) Wireless Hygrometer Probe: WHP1 (2) Wireless Pressure Probe: WPP1 (2)