White-Rodgers 11D18-1 Open-On-Rise Hydronic Hot Water Controller

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The White-Rodgers 11D18-1 is an open on rise hydronic (hot water) controller for use as high limit, reverse action or SPDT switching action. The 11D18-1 is designed for use on hot water heating installations. They have; open on rise, close on rise, or S.P.D.T. switch action and are available with either fixed or adjustable differential. These controls are shipped with the bulb and capillary in the horizontal position. Some of these models also have excess capillary stored within the enclosure permitting them to be used with wells having either a standard or extended shank. Features Extra capillary length for extended shank wells Special screw terminals with ”ears” securely hold solid and stranded wires Screwdriver-adjustable differential with direct-read indicator Knockouts on top and bottom and plenty of wiring room Hydraulic action element - fast acting May be mounted either horizontal or vertical