White-Rodgers 21M51U-843 Universal Integrated Furnace Control Kit

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Universal Two-Stage Furnace Control Kit Includes 120V Nitride Ignitor 21D64-2 for 80V And 120V Hot Surface Ignition and PSC Blowers. Services Amana, Armstrong, Lennox, Trane, Goodman and York Family Brands. Now Replaces 50A51, 50M51 and 50M61Applications. This easy to install kit includes everything you need for quick and accurate replacement of White Rodgers 50M51-242 and all 50M61-XXX controls. Simplifies stocking, installation and ensures peak system performance. Features Reduces inventory by providing maximum control replacement coverage Models include a universal 120V nitride ignitor to allow replacement of 80V and 120V controls Diagnostic LED indicators streamline installation and system troubleshooting 120V air cleaner output and 120V humidifier output up to 1 Amp max Factory standard safety timings and adjustable fan delay options Replaceable automotive style fuse Universal Two-Stage Furnace Control Kit Includes: Ignition Control Module Universal 120V Nitride Ignitor Kit - 21D64-2 This kit will service: Amana Armstrong Lennox Trane Goodman York Family Brands Replaces 50A51, 50M51 and 50M61 Applications.