White-Rodgers 24A34-3 Electric Heat Sequencer with 2 Switches

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The White-Rodgers 24A34-03 is a 1 timing, 2 switch electric heat sequencer direct replacement for most fan and heat sequencing functions. Features Replaces Honeywell, MARS, TOD, Gemline, Klixon (Texas Instruments) 24V input control Multi-poise mounting Any contacts (except M1 & M2) can be used as auxiliary contacts Double quick-connect terminals for combination loads Specifications Timings: 1 Switches: 2 Timings On: M1-M2: 1-20 M3-M4: 1-20 Timings Off: M1-M2: 40-110 M3-M4: 40-110 INDUCTIVE (MOTOR) FULL LOAD 120 VAC: 14.0A INDUCTIVE (MOTOR) FULL LOAD 240 VAC: 7.0A INDUCTIVE (MOTOR) LOCKED ROTOR 120 VAC: 72.0A INDUCTIVE (MOTOR) LOCKED ROTOR 240 VAC: 42.0A RESISTIVE (NONINDUCTIVE) 120 VAC: 25.0A, 3000W RESISTIVE (NONINDUCTIVE) 240 VAC: 25.0A, 6000W RESISTIVE (NONINDUCTIVE) 480 VAC: 12.5A, 6000W PILOT DUTY: 120-240 VAC 125 VA