White-Rodgers 50A65-5165 Trane Integrated Furnace Control Replacement

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50A65-5165  - WHITE-RODGERS INTEGRATED FURNACE CONTROL KIT The 50A65-5165 is an automatic gas interrupted ignition control that employs a microprocessor to continually monitor, analyze, and control the proper operation of the gas burner, inducer, and fan. Signals interpreted during continual surveillance of the thermostat and flame sensing element initiate automatic ignition of the burner, sensing of the flame, and system shut-off during normal operation. These controls incorporates system fault analysis for quick gas flow shut-off, coupled with automatic ignition retry upon sensing a fault correction. It is designed as a replacement for the following controls: Trane CNT05164, CNT05165, White-Rodgers 50A65-475, 50A65-476, 50A65-5165. 80 VAC Ignitor Output 120 VAC Humidifier Output 120 VAC Electronic Air Cleaner Output 120 VAC 2-Speed PSC Circulator Output Fuse Protection - 5 Amp Furnace Status LED Heat Fan OFF Delay (Dipswitch Selectable) Y, W, R, G, C