Emerson 1F82-261 5+1+1 Day Programmable Thermostat

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FEATURES 60% larger LCD display with backlight. Permanent program retention during power loss. Configuration menu allows keypad selection of options. Selectable Celsius or Fahrenheit temperature display. Selectable Energy Management Recovery. Classic White color. SPECIFICATIONS Electrical Rating; 20 to 30 VAC, NEC Class II Terminal Load: 1.0 A per terminal, 1.5 A maximum all terminals combined Setpoint Range: 45 to 90°F (7 to 32°C) Rated Differential (Multi-Stage): Heat 0.6° or 1.5°F Cool 1.2°F Rated Differential (Heat Pump): Heat & Cool 0.75° or 1.2°F Operating Ambient:32 to +105°F (0 to +41°C) Operating Humidity: 90% non-condensing max. Shipping Temperature Range: -4 to 149°F (-20 to 65°C) Dimensions: 6"H x 33/4"W x 11/4"D