Emerson 47D01U-843 Universal Heat Pump Defrost Control Board

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The Emerson 47D01U-843 Universal Heat Pump Defrost Control Board is the FIRST microprocessor-based universal replacement defrost controller intended for single-stage heat pump systems. The Emerson 47D01U-843 offers two defrost modes: Demand Defrost and Time/Temp Defrost. Demand Defrost initiates when a set difference between the outside coil and the air temperature is reached. Time/Temp Defrost is based on a field-set temperature and run time.  The Emerson 47D01U-843 supports both O/B Reversing Valve Options: Heating/Cooling. This control board offers a simple, one button configuration and can easily operate with any OEM System.  Features: Demand Defrost Option AUX Heat Lockout Low Temp Compressor Lockout Cersatile Mounting Tray Pre-Configured, Adjustable Settings Test Mode 8x8 Matrix LED Display OB Reversing Valve Multi-position display Reversing Valve delay for quieter defrost Air and coil sensors Strain-proof sensor connectors Voltage: 24  Includes Harnesses for Universal Application