Honeywell HM750ANKIT HM750 Advanced Electrode Humidifier Nozzle Kit

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A quick solution to cylinder replacement for your Honeywell HM750 Humidifier. The Honeywell HM750 Humidifier will illuminate a yellow LED light when the humidifier has determined that the cylinder is nearing the end of its life, due to scale accumulation on the electrodes. Approximate frequency of replacement is once per year. After 7 days of flashing, and if the cylinder is not replaced, the humidifier will shut down and the cylinder LED will be on constantly (no flashing). At this point, the cylinder must be replaced. Always clean the drain valve before installing a new cylinder. Scale from the spent cylinder may have fallen into the drain valve and could prevent its proper operation. To properly clean the drain valve, it must be removed and disassembled. It is recommended to keep a replacement cylinder on-hand throughout the humidification season. This will prevent possible downtime when the humidifier reaches cylinder end of life.